What do the Super Bowl, NBA finals, and World Cup all have in common? ⁣
They are the biggest sites in the world when it comes to human and sex trafficking. ⁣
Your Working Dog Radio Hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers sit down with repeat guest from Episode 127, Mike Jones of Primal Canine @primalcanine⁣
We touch on a variety of topics in this episode including “The Fight.” ⁣
For those of you that don’t know, Mike started in an animal shelter in San Jose at the young age of 13, MIke has been involved with dogs or all shapes, sizes, and problems for years. He then got into sportwork, which evolved into protection dogs, and Primal Canine was born. ⁣
The guys sit down and talk with Mike about his partnership with with Ray Allen, honing the essential equipment you’re familiar with today (and creating new equipment to meet the ever evolving needs of training!) ⁣
We get into his Professional Protection Dog Sport,  K9 Street League. They host seminars, trials, and you can watch it live online! They are doing amazing working donating to troubled youth foundations! ⁣
The biggest reason MIke joined us for this episode is “The Fight.” Mike has made it his mission to donate money and dogs to the Glory House in Miami, so that survivors of human and sex trafficking can be protected by dogs. This is huge in giving survivors the peace of mind with a dog. He has put together an all star team to help teach them how to defend themselves and defend themselves with their dogs. He goes into detail on how he got started in this and why he has chosen to make this his mission!  They have a raffle to raise money and here are just a few of the things you could win!⁣
You have the chance to win up to $10,500 in services, plus goods from @rayallenk9 & @omertamia ⁣
Training from..⁣
@mikejones_pc ⁣
@nomad_decoy ⁣
@jacque_ak9 ⁣
@a.k9tz ⁣
@k9decoy_neil ⁣
Firearms training from – @kagwerks ⁣
Tattoo from – @miamitattooco ⁣
The best part about this raffle is all the proceeds go to @gloryhouseofmiami and to ship dogs from @irelandworkingk9 to be trained for survivors of human trafficking. ⁣
⁣This is a huge undertaking that Mike is doing with an amazing group of people donating time, dogs and a raffle going on. So sit down , tune in , and support this awesome cause Follow him on Instagram & Facebook at @primalcanine⁣
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