From Dachshund lover to DoD trainer to pet dog business, Andrew Ramsey has had quite the journey in the dog world, and he’s not done yet 😏! Your hosts got an inside look at what it was like to work in the K9 and Puppy programs at Lackland; from breeding the perfect working dog and developing their work drives, to decoying for the fur missiles for years 💪! The dogs Ramsey worked with have been crucial to countless missions, and have saved countless lives – training is truly a matter of life and death at this program! Your hosts also learned how Ramsey went from Head Trainer at Lackland, to opening his own business, where he now applies what he learned from teaching thousands of MWDs a day at Lackland to teaching nosework 👃 to pet dogs 🐶. Tune in to learn some of the follies in the nosework world, and how Ramsey is using the science-backed, key principles of training to create success with his clients. So sit down, shut up, and learn something from this nosework guru!
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