Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, sit down with⁣ Canadian Police Dog Handler and Trainer, Jason Born, a canine handler and trainer from Edmonton, Canada.

Born is certified as a Patrol Dog Trainer by the Canine Law Enforcement Accreditation Registry and has served as a tracking judge at the Canadian Police Canine Association National Championships. Born shares his background in law enforcement and canine handling. The gents discuss the puppy program in Canada, the process of raising and training police dogs, the importance of environmental training, and the challenges of testing and selecting puppies. (And Born definitely knows what he’s talking about! He has raised numerous puppies who went on to become successful Police Dogs. Many of the dog teams Born trained competed at the Canadian Police Canine Association National Championships, with several of them winning the “Top Dog” award.⁣) Born shares his selection and training process for the K9 unit, (including the challenges of training in winter conditions ). He also shares his experience with different tracking methods and the integration of evidence recovery in tracking.

Born talks about the retirement of his K9 partner and his transition to starting his own company, Xieko Canine Training, which provides Police K9 Seminars across North America and private pet training to the Edmonton area. He explains his approach to training pet dogs, and the similarities and differences between training pet dogs and working dogs using operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. The conversation touches on the use of e-collars and the controversy surrounding them. Born and the hosts discuss the challenges of working with reactive dogs and the importance of play in training. They also explore the application of pet training methods to working dogs, particularly in tracking.

If you want more information on Born, his company, or his upcoming seminars, check him out at this hyperlink

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