Here it is folks, the big 💯 ONE HUNDRED 💯 Can you believe it?! We are celebrating this milestone with an 🎉 EXTRAVAGANZA 🎉! And who better to kick this celebration off with, than with THE Michael Ellis! This guy is truly a household name, even if you don’t know him, you know OF him. Anyone can train a dog, only a handful of folks can train a dog well, but even FEWER can teach others the subtle skills of dog training – and Michael falls into that last category 😎, so much so, the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers is just about as well known as the man himself. Michael has been molding the next generation of dogs, and the next generation of trainers, for over 3 decades 💪. Your Working Dog Radio hosts sit down and get to know Michael a little better, as a dog training legend and decoy 🐕, as a teacher and mentor 👨‍🏫, and as a person 🤩. It’s impossible to listen to this episode and NOT learn something new. Go ahead, try. 😜 AND! We’ve already teased you up about our huge giveaway!! We’re starting that TOMORROW, and we are giving away something different EACH DAY, until we run out of swag! K9 supplements, Dogtra Collar, bite suits, and sooo much more!! You don’t want to miss our 💯 ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE EXTRAVAGANZA CELEBRATION 💯

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