Can’t teach an old dog a new trick? Think again! 💪 The boys sat down with Sgt. Dick Staal, master-trainer/instructor with the Netherlands’ National Police Agency’s K9-unit (K.L.P.D.). Staal has been training dogs since the 1970’s, and has had his own pin point system since then, including methods for teaching search techniques for evidence/lost objects, retrieves, proper alerts, tracking, suspect searches, obedience, obstacles, and of course – bite work. Staal full heartedly believes in working the puppy from the moment it leaves the litter, and his techniques are proven over and over again with every Police Service Dog 👮‍♂️ or sport dog 🏆 he produces. We even get to hear a little about retraining any odor 👃 on an experienced dog, and how to put it all together on a hard surface track. You will not want to miss this one! So sit down, shut up, and learn something! And after you’re done with the podcast, pick up his book 📚, “From puppy to working, sporting or police dog”, and thank us later. 👊 Go give him a follow on Facebook at Dog Training Dick Staal or visit his website⁣

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