Joshua’s story might be every kid’s dream: he was kicked out of high school, joined the U.S. Army, became a Ranger. Then went to Selection and became a Green Beret where he handled a MPC named Timo for two deployments. Joshua then tried out for the new Army eSports team. Out of 16,000 applicants, they took 16 for the team, and he was one of them. Joshua went from real life sniper, to professional video game sniper (yeah, think Halo, CoD, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, League of Legends, live-streaming on Twitch…!), and he’s now headed back to USASOC. Tune in to this unique episode to hear about how Joshua uses live-streaming as outreach in today’s day and age. Neat stuff! And be sure to follow him at @strotnium⁣

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