Your WDR Hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, ⁣sit down with Travis Bobo – CONTINUED

Part 2 of the gents and Bobo’s interview. Your hosts delve into Bobo’s second and third dogs, as well as his other deployments. Bobo talked about attending VLK Trainers’ Course, and life after the Army.⁣

For those that missed part 1 it’s called- Pooping on the tarmac and Sundanese Bacon with Travis Bobo. ⁣

The gents chat about Bobo’s entry into the military, and his 8 years prior to the selection process into SF. They chat about the boxing match, Bobo’s first dog selection, and how she was hurt in training. They talk about Bobo’s attachment to an SMU, and integrating with EOD to find an unusual source. Leashes in combat; pros and cons. And, as a bonus, they discuss punching your friend in a strip club parking lot. This is a wild one, folks, you won’t want to miss this!⁣

⁣So sit down, listen up, and enjoy the finale of our 2 part episode! ⁣

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