Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 and Ted @Ted_summers, sit down with USAF Master Sergeant Rudy Parsons. ⁣

Parsons has over a decade experience as a USAF Pararescueman, and seven years with the Kentucky Air National Guard. Parsons has five deployments, and three humanitarian (CivilSAR) deployments. With all of this experience, Parsons started his own SAR K9 Program based on Pararescue mission in Haiti after earthquake in 2010. USAF Special Operators jumped into Haiti to open up a non operational airport and land aircraft for relief. Some members of that team spent three days searching a certain pile of rubble for survivors and found none. After three days, FEMA showed up with K9 and searched the pile in under 20 mins, discovering there was no one alive in the pile. That was the birth of the the concept for Parsons’ program three years ago.⁣

The gents also discussed Parsons’ 4 year old Dutchie, K9 Callie. Callie was procured from PennVet Working Dog Center under Dr Cindy Otto and she is the only Search and Rescue K9 in the entire DoD, and is trained for free fall, helicopter infil/exfil, Maritime Operations, tactical wheeled vehicles, technical rope rescue, alpine and cold weather travel according to military qualifications. K9 Callie is also certified in area scent, live find, USAR (FEMA Equivalent Cert), Wilderness (NSDA and DHS Certs), and Avalanche (C-RAD Cert this winter). ⁣

This pair is truly impressive; so be sure to sit down, listen up, and learn a thing or two! ⁣

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