Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, sit down with former US Marine, former LEO, and current DOD K9 trainer, Steven Stoops @zane_k9. ⁣

The gents discuss 30+ years’ worth of canine experiences; everything from Stoops taking out a loan to buy his first K9, to selecting, training, and successfully placing hundreds of canines for police agencies, government agencies (both at home, and abroad), and a lot of high speed groups that we can’t even mention! Stoops’ expertise has helped him develop many training philosophies utilized today in the working dog world. Stoops’ skill set also makes him a qualified expert witness with the United States Federal Courts on the subject of protection dogs, and an internationally recognized K9 subject matter expert assisting elite military units to implement working dog programs. ⁣

If that isn’t enough of a bragging right, Stoops is a recipient of a Presidential Award for exceptional K9 work, he’s a Security Specialist at several US Embassies abroad,  and a past publisher of two working dog magazines. Oh, and he is still currently working as a DOD K9 trainer.⁣

You’ll definitely want to head what this man has to say!! You can watch and listen on YouTube, Spotify, apple podcasts and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.⁣

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