Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, sit down with⁣ A&E’s “America’s Top Dog” Season One contestant, military veteran, Ohio State K9 Evaluator, Vaness K9 certified K9 trainer, City of Salem, Ohio Patrolman and K9 Handler, Michael Garber.
⁣This is our first episode from the Hold the Line Conference Series ⁣and we cover Garber’s journey as a 12 year military veteran, 18 years of law enforcement experience (6 years in K9), and his experience working with Eric on his pet side with Ridgeside K9 Ohio⁣. Not only is Garber an excellent trainer, he’s an incredible FUNDRAISER, so to every K9 Unit out there, listen up! Garber managed fundraising for a  dog program, purchasing all equipment, vehicles, and dogs through fundraising; raising over $260K in donations, merchandise⁣ sales, and grants starting and sustaining the K9 program.
The sad truth is the majority of our K9 teams are not budgeted, but funded by our own fundraising and community support. Garber goes over set up, compliance, funds, 501c3’s, organizations, fundraising ideas, merchandising, community donations (how and where to get them), websites, online stores, social media, protecting the money and building better financial backing for your program. You’ll want to be sure to listen in to hear why fundraising and “friend-raising” are the best things for your program to be a success.⁣
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