This is our fifth episode from our HITS K9 conference series. Speaking of HITS, they will be returning August 26-29, 2024 at the HYATT REGENCY in New Orleans, LA. Get your tickets to this conference early!⁣ 👉
The gents chat with Brad Gillespie about teaching two different tracking classes at the HITS K9 Conference. In this episode, we get heavy into tracking, and Gillespie’s extensive experience.
Gillespie has been handling and training Police and Military Working Dogs for over 20 years. He has hundreds of operational K9 tracking apprehensions, and is currently a trainer for the second largest K9 program in Canada where he specializes in tactical integration of K9 teams and explosive detection.
Gillespie was previously the Ontario director of the CPCA for three years. He began his K9 career with the Winnipeg Police Service and then spent some time with the military before becoming a K9 trainer for the Ontario Provincial Police.
Gillespie currently handles a single purpose Explosive Detection Dog as well as a General Service Dog. He is a director for the Canadian Police Canine Association and also supports training through Full Spectrum K9 International (a non-profit organization) where he emphasizes training development of the dog, the handler and the team.
Gillespie’s combined Military and Police experience afford him a perspective that facilitates the development and employment of area of operation, principle based tactics. This is another information-packed episode that you do NOT want to miss!
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