Do you live in a state where marijuana is still illegal? If yes, you NEED to listen to this episode. ⁣
Disclaimer: They want us to let all of you know that this study will come out after it is peer reviewed the 23rd of February.⁣
Episode 207:⁣ Scientifically Speaking, Hemp VS Marijuana⁣
Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, sit down with⁣ Steven Antommarchi of @nextlevelk9texas⁣ about a huge K9 study that aimed to see if marijuana trained dogs would hit on hemp (spoiler alert: yes!) The gents also delve a bit into the mitigation piece of the research as well, so don’t panic! You’ll want to listen to the episode NOW, and then get your paws on the study after it’s peer review later this month.⁣
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Over the last 15 years, Antommarchi has held the law enforcement titles of Patrol Officer, Canine Handler, Canine Supervisor, Canine Trainer and Interim Chief of Police.⁣
His first encounter with a K9 team was in New York City on September 11, 2001. He witnessed a SAR team fighting through horrible conditions, while overcoming serious injury for the sake of saving lives. That encounter made such a profound impression on him that he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 15 years later, on July 7, 2016, in Dallas, Texas, K9 Officer Antommarchi found himself in the middle of the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. Tasked with the responsibility of clearing the downtown area for improvised explosive devices, the reason he got into working K9s came full circle.⁣
Being mentored by Tony Guzman and Robert “Bob” Suarez, Antommarchi is the Founder of Next Level K9 Texas, an Instructor for the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University and K9 case study trainer for the Global Forensic Justice Center at Florida International University.⁣
Most recently, he became one of the lead trainers and co-designer of the training methodology for a scientific study on “Hemp vs Marijuana.” This study is to evaluate the ability for narcotic detector dogs to discriminate between the odor of marijuana and hemp. The study is being headed by Dr. Kelvin Frank of Florida International University and is in the process of being submitted for publication.⁣
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