Ted and Eric get back to their training roots with Jack Schonely. Jack Schonely has been working as a law enforcement officer for over 29 years, and he is a nationally recognized expert in the area of suspect tactics and perimeter containment. Jack Schonely is also the author of the book Apprehending Fleeing Suspects; Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment. Jack handled a GSD for LAPD in the early 90s before going to their air unit. While he was on K9 he participated in hundreds of high risk K9 searches. Once he became a Chief Tactical Flight Officer and pilot his previous experience as a dog handler and patrolman really began to stand out.

The guys talk about the importance of perimeter containment and communication to a successful K9 track, search and apprehension. They address how suspects behavior has changed, the driver behind fleeing behavior and some crazy spots that they’ve all found guys hiding. Jack also gives some good advice on inter-agency cooperation and tactics for large urban departments and small rural departments as well.

Thank you Jack!! Be sure to check out his site www.officertactics.com and his book “Apprehending Fleeing Suspects; Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment” available here: https://www.ccthomas.com/details.cfm?P_ISBN13=9780398075415

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