We cannot begin to express how fitting this Memorial Weekend episode is for us. 🇺🇸 We sat down with THE Jimmy Hatch, former Navy SEAL, extreme badass canine trainer and handler, and founder of Spike’s K9 Fund, and Emily Soccino, Director of Spike’s K9 Fund. (And yes, we fan-girled for a hot minute! 🤩) This man is an undisputed LEGAND, and it was a pure honor to hear about his stories first hand. We cover his tales of being shot in war, feeling suicidal after Bergdahl and Remco (check out our interview with Toussaint for more deets on that!), accidentally shooting a dog, the dogs he’s trained and handled, including THE Spike (and the importance of Slim Jim’s!). 💪 And we got the low down on what makes Spike’s K9 Fund stand out from the rest; how 80 cents of every dollar goes STRAIGHT to the dogs, (unlike some other foundations), and how Jimmy wanted the organization to grow organically, and not off his fame as a former Navy SEAL. Jimmy holds a truly honorable and respected place in the Special Ops Community and the K9 world; so do yourself a favor – sit down, shut up, and pay the man some respect for what he’s done for our country, and for what he’s doing for working dogs through Spikes K9 Fund. And when you’re done listening to this episode, get your paws on a copy of his book, “Touching the Dragon”. 📖 Thank us later. 👊

HUGE thank you to Jimmy Hatch and Emily for coming on Working Dog Radio!  Please follow them and show some support and if you can, please DONATE; @spikesk9fund.  Pick up his book and help share Spike’s legacy. Touching the Dragon: And Other Techniques for Surviving Life’s Wars, available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Audiobook and anywhere you order books.
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