Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, sit down with⁣ retired FBI Special Agent and all around K9 badass, Sonja Nordstrom. ⁣

Nordstrom served in the FBI as a Special Agent for over two decades. In addition to hunting bad guys, Nordstrom joined a volunteer K9 SAR team and progressed through the ranks as a handler, trainer, and evaluator. She has also earned her Detector Dog Trainer’s Certification from VLK, and has provided Detection K9 training to LE, Professional, and Volunteer K9 teams and lectures hundreds of LE regarding the use of K9s in homicide investigations. ⁣

Through the years, Sonja has completed thousands of hours of training under nationally recognized LE, SAR, and sport K9 trainers and experts, was Secretary of the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association, attained local and national level search dog certifications, and has trained and competed in the K9 sports of Schutzhund, Mondioring, and French Ring. While stationed in Los Angeles, Nordstrom deployed with her Human Remains Detection K9s for the FBI Evidence Response Team (ERT) and CARDA (California Rescue Dog Association) throughout California, the Western United States, Mexico, the Middle East, and to the Pentagon after 9/11. Nordstrom is currently fielding with her fifth HRD K9, is the lead trainer and President of a volunteer K9 SAR Team in Utah, and has completed hundreds of field missions including several deployments to Europe to assist in locating WWII MIAs.⁣

In 2014, after retiring from the FBI, Nordstrom opened Sonja’s Dog Training, LLC, providing training for pet dogs and also specialized training in detection and scent work for LE, SAR, and pet dog handlers. She is also a UKC Nosework and AKC Scentwork Judge. Most recently, Nordstrom has formed American Tactical Aggregate K-9 in collaboration with Steve “Zane” Stoops and several other top tier LE and Military CAD Trainers and Handlers. Nordstrom is also a host of the podcast K9 Top Tales, which features stories of K9 warriors, crime fighters, protectors, and rescuers as told by their Law Enforcement, Military, and Search & Rescue Handlers and Partners. ⁣

Nordstrom has been a regular badass in her career, and after the badge. If you’re looking for some inspiration, some training tips, go to see what she’s up to now, be sure to follow her podcast: ⁣

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⁣American Tactical Aggregate K-9 with Steve Stoops:  ⁣


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