⁣Your Working Dog Radio hosts, Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers, sit down with⁣ Darren “DJ” Holmes and chat about his background, his current work with dogs, and training them to detect fentanyl. ⁣
They also discuss changes in training and certification, such as eliminating aggression to gunfire and certifying dogs on marijuana, the concept of false responses in dogs and how it relates to training and contextual learning. They explore the role of poor imprinting in false responses and the importance of understanding dogs’ learning processes, including teaching target odor and generalization, shaping search behavior, the use of primary and secondary rewards, the emphasis on trained final responses, and the importance of teaching dogs to hunt. It also covers the impact of contextual learning, the process of reverse engineering the training, and the role of markers and cues. The conversation highlights the challenges of street performance and the pitfalls of using positive punishment. This part of the conversation explores the misconception of not rewarding on stops, the use of variable reward schedules for safety concerns, discrimination training to maintain search behavior, and the importance of accuracy in detection work. The discussion also delves into legal implications and case law related to cueing and handler intervention.
The chat touches on conflict in obedience and relationship problems highlights the impact of handler behavior on the dog’s search motivation. The conversation concludes with insights into search motivation and training expectations, as well as the effects of handler intervention and pressure on the dog.⁣

Want to contact Darren or train with him? Reach out to him at Saltdogk9@outlook.com
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