Your WDR Hosts, Eric @vanessk9 and Ted @ted_summers, sit down with the boys of Trident K9 Consulting, Marty Mahon and Chris Devan. The gents chat about keeping current on case law, dog selection (and the pitfalls of donated dogs), and more!⁣

Mahon is a police sergeant with the South San Francisco Police Department. He has been a canine handler for 18 years and is currently the head trainer of the canine unit, which consists of 7 dual-purpose canine teams. Mahon and his canine are assigned to the DEA, San Francisco Field Division, where he specializes in drug trafficking, canine detection, canine unit supervision and the use of canines at the Federal level. Mahon is a canine evaluator for the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), and the California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA). Mahon is the owner and head trainer for Trident K9 Consulting. ⁣

Devan has been an officer with a local agency for 16 years, 12 of which he has handled a K9. He and his current K9 partner are currently on their local SWAT team, and Devan is a firearms instructor, and is SKIDDS and SWAT certified.⁣

Trident K9 Consulting recently hosted a “K9 Management & Supervisor Course” at the Blueline Conference; so sit down, listen up, and learn a thing or two from the gents who know what they’re talking about!⁣

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